My Story

Plant medicines have been profoundly healing for me. My life and relationships have been greatly enriched. I have a renewed sense of enchantment with life, increased optimism and openness. My work is directly influenced by my experience with ayahuasca, plant dietas and training with the maestros. This has greatly expanded and shaped my personal and professional understanding. I am incredibly grateful to be able to assist others in getting the most out of their experiences with the medicine and to improve their lives. 

I love the way the Temple runs such safe and well facilitated ceremonies. Each guest receives a comprehensive set of icaros (sacred songs) from the amazing team of Maestros during each ceremony, complimentary plant medicines, and additional integrative practices and support from the wonderful team of facilitators and teachers. My time at the Temple has led to a profound deepening of my appreciation for the immense knowledge and skill of the Shipibo maestros and trust in this way of healing. I am proud and very excited to be a part of the Integration team to support all the wonderful people who are drawn to this medicine!

Living and working at the Temple, I presented a series of workshops entitled ‘The Psychology of Healing’. I also led mindfulness and healing meditation classes and provided one-to-one integration sessions to guests on site. It is evident to me how much people can benefit from assistance in integrating their experiences into their lives from someone with an understanding of this work, as well as knowledge and training of relevant tools and strategies to assist them in this process.

My Training

In addition to my six years of plant medicine work, my professional background includes training as a Psychologist, in Australia, where I was a registered and in good standing with the NSW Psychologists Registration Board (Now Psychology Board of Australia), from 2007; prior to relocating to the UK in 2010, where I received further training as a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist at Kings College London. I am currently registered and in good standing with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy (BABCP). I have also completed significant additional training and personal practice in mindfulness, healing meditation, life coaching and other approaches to healing and integration. I draw on a range of strategies from my training and practice to assist with ayahuasca integration.

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