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Dr. Tanya KAMMONEN (formerly Mate)

I quit my job as a naturopathic doctor so that I could do full time integration work, and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I'm currently on sabbatical from one-on-one work with people, so that I can focus on developing more effective ways of applying this work. I'm incredibly grateful for the ongoing and profound support I receive from my teachers, healers, colleagues, and family.

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Sean Chiddy

Plant medicines have been profoundly healing for me: my life and relationships have been greatly enriched. I use my experience with ayahuasca and plant dietas and my training as a therapist to guide integration sessions. The work with the plants has greatly expanded my personal and professional understanding, and I am incredibly grateful to assist you in getting the most out of your experiences with the medicine and to improve your life. Read full bio or learn more at www.seanchiddy.com

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Yoga Therapy.


Publio Valle

My journey with the spiritual path began very early, at home. My father is a healer from a traditional Brazilian lineage of curanderos, with whom I’ve learned and still learn the essential aspects of the art of supporting people on their own healing processes.

On 2004 I had my first encounter with Ayahuasca with the Shipibos in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, and since then my life purpose has been to understand, experience and live the essence of what really makes us content, peaceful and healthy human beings.

deanna rogers

After leaving the Amazon jungle, I feel a strong heart call to continue to support the profound work I see with plant medicines. It is by far the most transformational healing system I have experienced. After years of longing for deeper change, plant medicines have been the biggest catalyst in my own growth and self-acceptance. Finally I met Medicines and Healers that could help me get to the root of my inner trauma and turmoil and finally integrate it. Read full bio or learn more at www.deannacrogers.com

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