Deanna Rogers

My story

After recently leaving the Amazon jungle, I feel a strong heart call to continue to support the profound work I see possible with plant medicines. It is by far the most transformational healing system I have experienced and witnessed. After years of longing for deeper internal change, plant medicines have been the biggest catalyst in my own growth and self-acceptance. Finally I met Medicines and Healers that could help me get to the root of my inner trauma and turmoil, face it, appreciate it and finally integrate it. This is an ongoing process I am committed too.

My approach to processing and integration is inquiry based. Inquiring into what is present and ‘up’ for the client and trying to get into the deeper aspect of self that wants attention. Holding a non-judgmental and compassionate container, we can look into what is below or what might be getting in the way. I try to balance both listening and guiding.

In Integration it is important to consider the different bodies. I may work with you on different levels including:

  • Emotions: Learning how to work and be with difficult emotions.

  • The Body: Learning how to listen to our bodies and providing it what it needs. Staying connected through sensation awareness.

  • The Mind: Learning to work with and get space from the overdeveloped critical Western mind.

  • Spirit: Cultivating connection to something larger.


My experience

My journey drinking ayahuasca began in 2011, leading to an extremely difficult and isolating integration process that lasted about a year. In sticking to this path, I now understand I was processing a lifetime of repressed sadness. While I still would not change a thing, I know if I had more guidance and support it would have been a more graceful process. I tried to find help but with people who did not know the plants. Now I appreciate and understand the need for bridge keepers: people who have walked in both worlds.

I have been working and facilitating retreats at the Temple of The Way of Light since 2013. During this time I worked with hundreds of guests who embarked on this courageous journey. I also co-designed and managed the Temple’s Deep Immersion Retreat. This program was created to acknowledge the importance of integration throughout the healing process on the levels of the mind, body, heart and spirit.


MY Influences

The biggest influence on my work are the plants, their teachings and Indigenous Curanderos. Through isolation and social dietas (traditional plant medicine study), I had to learn to be with more and more parts of myself and also learn about traditional systems of healing and spirit. I now carry with me four years of training and insights gained in the traditional Shipibo way, a complex and vast health care system centered on plants.

The second biggest influence on my work has been my training with my teacher Dr. Gabor Maté. His Compassionate Inquiry model is the best work I have seen in clearing past trauma and to come into right relationship with ourselves. I have been training and assisting him in retreats over the last two years. I draw heavily on this processing style when working with clients.

Previous to the Temple I worked in education, group facilitation, personal development and community development in Vancouver, Canada. Working with many different people in a variety of contexts and disciplines. Although my work has varied widely throughout the years, certain themes have tied them together: empowering people through self-realization and to create what they want to see in world.

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