What is Integration?

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Integration is a process

Ayahuasca integration is a process of plant-assisted self-mastery.

Integration is a process of becoming whole, and of integrating ayahuasca teachings into your daily life. It is a healing process that continues well beyond the ceremony. Integration involves elements of intuition – e.g. giving yourself the time and space you need to heal – and can involve elements of huge transformation. Integration takes work.

It's common after ceremony to find that you can no longer relate to your lives in the same way. It can be obvious that things need to change, and overwhelming to consider approaching those changes. Jobs, relationships, friendships, and eating habits are all especially prone to shift, and giving up the comforts of those things can seem impossible. This is one of the places the support of an integration facilitator can be very helpful: turning insight into action. 

It is also very common to experience overwhelming emotions. Anger, fear, sadness, guilt, shame: they can all seem to big to manage. There is a natural clearing process that happens, and over time, the emotions will decrease in their intensity – if you give them the space they need to be felt. We can help you to understand these emotions more clearly, and can help guide you to feel them in a way that is safe and not overwhelming. 

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