September 30-October 12, 2017 - Mindfulness And The Medicine: A New Paradigm In Healing

A new offering, with daytime Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy techniques applied specifically to working with and integrating ayahuasca. Daytime work will be led by Sean Chiddy, our Australian-born and trained psychologist, psychotherapist, and integration consultant, and nighttime ceremonies led by a duo of amazing Shipbo healers. Apply now.


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Integration is what happens after ceremony and once you're back in your life. Our goal is for you to have the most powerful integration possible, setting you up to make the changes that you want to make in your life, and maximize your own healing process. With this in mind, we're offering this special 9-day workshop where the focus is on processing your ceremony experiences through a lens of early childhood development, attachment, and nondual spirituality. Daytime process groups for this retreat will be led by Tanya Maté, with nighttime ceremonies led by our team of top-notch Shipibo healers. People who've been on these retreats say they can't imagine doing the work any other way.


The fourth iteration of these integration intensive workshops at the Temple, we had Marc Silver there filming for his upcoming documentary on ayahuasca. 

April 2017 - Integration Workshop at Psychedelic Science 2017 - Full Day Workshop

As part of MAPS Psychedelic Science 2017 Conference, this daylong workshop brings together leading names from the field, offering tools and best practices for integration work. Workshop presenters included Katherine MacLean, Ph.D., and Ingmar Gorman, M.A. of The Psychedelic Continuing Education and Care Program in New York, Julie Megler, MSN BP-NC of ERIE in San Francisco, and Dr. Tanya Maté. 

January 2017 - Women's Workshop at the Temple

In January, we will be offering a very special women's retreat at the Temple of the Way of Light. The Temple is already unique in that we work with a high number of female healers, and for this workshop we will be working exclusively with incredible female Shipibo Maestras. In the daytimes we'll be weaving together processing and integration with sacred feminine knowledge. This workshop is now full with a waitlist, but you can read more here and keep your eyes out, because this won't be the last time this is offered.

JULY 2016

The first integration-intensive 9-day workshops at the Temple of the Way of Light happened in July, 2016. These special workshops are designed specifically to set the stage for powerful integration and continued healing once you're back in your life, based largely on the work of Dr. Gabor Maté. Stay tuned for future offerings!