Publio Valle

My Story

My journey with the spiritual path began very early, at home. My father is a healer from a traditional Brazilian lineage of curanderos, with whom I’ve learned and still learn the essential aspects of the art of supporting people on their own healing processes.

On 2004 I had my first encounter with Ayahuasca with the Shipibos in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, and since then my life purpose has been to understand, experience and live the essence of what really makes us content, peaceful and healthy human beings.


My Training

The teachings of ayahuasca took me into a deep research in Asia, which helped me to perceive that different traditions are trying to describe the same principles that are experience directly during a ceremony.

In India, I’ve concluded a post-graduation in Yoga Therapy at Swami Vivekananda University, the first Yoga University in the world, that has a well-founded commitment to scientific research. In this institution, I’ve worked at a Yoga Hospital, a place that uses ancient Indian techniques to help people to deal with different ailments such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, cancer and many others.

Still in India, I’ve trained meditation in several traditions, and concluded an Indian Psychology Course in Pondicherry. For two years I’ve worked as volunteer at The Alice Project School, an institution that teaches the bases of Dharma and Meditation for children, using Tibetan wisdom as it’s inspiration. In Burma, I’ve studied meditation at Pa Auk Monastery, one of the most important Vipassana Monasteries in Asia.

Being a Brazilian, I also learned a lot from very well known ayahuasca lineages such as Santo Daime, a tradition that combines elements of several cultures on the path of self realization.


My Work

After living for more than a year at The Temple of The Way of Light, working as a yoga and meditation teacher, as well as a facilitator of retreats, I could experience in first person the challenging and immensely beneficial processes that this medicine ignites on us, and observed how useful and appropriate these ancient practices of yoga and meditation can be.

Combining different techniques, during my sessions we may design a specific collection of practices that can be easily integrated in your daily life, according to your specific needs. Through deep listening, we may reach the core of your issues, reawakening the innate wisdom of your body and the depths of your breath.

With over 10 years of experience in this area, I have a sincere commitment to share the teachings of the jungle and of ancient traditions, aiming to promote health and well being in all dimensions of human life.

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